Upstairs work really in high gear

It’s been quite a while since we have posted some pictures of the upstairs work at the depot, but today we caught Bob Behal, Barb West and student volunteer Jacob Ownbey working away on the staircase and the upstairs. Above, Bob is stabilizing stair tread, shoring up the old staircase that once saw lots of loggers and millworkers tromping up and down those stairs. The staircase will really be beautiful when Bob works his magic on it!

Jacob Ownbey, pictured above, is volunteering his time as part of a school project. We are so happy to have him working with us.

Don’t let Barb West’s serious face fool you. She still smiles most of the time, despite being slave labor on many weekends!! That’s what happens when you are related to Jim West, our fearless leader, who is also usually around on these intense work days. Thank you Jim for continuing to shepherd the crew. We hope your knees are holding out! And by the way, that is Mark Schilling with Barb. He has plenty of building talents, but we still haven’t convinced him to come and join us. Maybe we don’t pay enough!!!

Here’s a look at one end of the hallway, with much of the sheetrock in place. Yes, there is lots to do yet, but this is significant progress. YES!!!

Another glimpse of the upstairs with new sheetrock in place. ¬†Interestingly enough, the state planners for the Idaho Heritage Conference have chosen to tour Potlatch precisely because of the ongoing work on the old depot. Officials at Idaho Heritage Trust and the State Historic Preservation Office know about the loyal and determined volunteers at Potlatch and have once again asked that the depot story be told at the conference. The previous conference, two years ago, also hailed the Potlatch depot project. This year’s conference is slated for late September and will be based in Moscow.

And one last shot of Bob Behal, volunteer extraordinaire. You gotta love the candid shots. Bob is amazing for not only his dedication, but his building solutions, especially as he tackles that “seasoned” staircase! Thanks Bob. That staircase is going to be a crown jewel of the depot.

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