white pine route book cover
White Pine Route
The History of the Washington, Idaho & Montana Railway

by Tom Burg
This well-researched history of the WI&M railway is still available, although supplies are getting low.
385 pages; 8 ½” x 11”; over 400 photographs; maps; equipment roster; track profile;
index; bibliography.
ISBN 0-9643647-8-6 Hardcover

Wheat Country Railroad book cover
Wheat Country Railroad
The Northern Pacific’s Spokane & Palouse and Competitors

by Philip F. Beach
Early history of Northern Pacific and Oregon Railroad & Navigation Co. rail construction in the Palouse. Includes discussion of other lines in the region, including the WI&M.
376 pages;
Extensive index and bibliography.
ISBN 087422361X
Now Available!

palouse rails book cover
Palouse Rails:
Granger Railroads of the Inland Northwest

by Thomas Hillebrant
Tells the stories of seven major railroads serving the Palouse, Walla Walla, and Camas Prairie regions through the eyes of contemporary railroad photographers.
192 pages;
9.2” x 6.5”;
200 photographs;
ISBN 1-63499-060-9
Now Available!

Railroads Through the Coeur d'Alenes book cover

Railroads Through the Coeur d’Alenes, Revise Edition

by John V. Wood
A history of Northern Pacific and Union Pacific and predecessor railroads serving the Coeur d’Alene River mining districts.
304 pages;
8.5 “x 11”;
over 400 photos;


Train s Tourist Guidebook cover
Tourist Trains Guidebook, 7th Edition (May 2019)
by Trains Magazine
Authoritative listing of 500 of the most popular train attractions, museums, and railroad vacation destinations in the U.S. and Canada, Including the Historic WI&M Depot in Potlatch, ID.
400 pages;
8.2” x 5.2”;

inland empire book cover
Inland Empire Electric Line
Spokane to Coeur d’Alene and the Palouse

By Clive Carter
A history of Spokane & Inland Empire Railway and afiliated lines.
232 Pages; 8 ½” x 11”; 308 illustrations including 27 maps/diagrams; ISBN 978-09723356-8-3;
Hardcover w/dust jacket.

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WI&M Ry Coffee Cup With
“White Pine Route” Logo


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WI&M Ry T-Shirt with
“White Pine Route”

9″ Wide Logo, Black with Green Highlight on White, 100% cotton, high-quality shirt.
Sizes S-XXL



wi&m video cover
“Diesels on the WI&M 1989-2005”
A Tom Hillebrant and WI&M Ry HPG Production

DVD-R Format, 75 Minutes, Copyright 2006, WI&MRyHPG
6 vignettes from BN to PCC – covering just about all areas of the railroad prior to the Harvard to Bovill rail removal.

2001 Cab Ride Video

“The Potlatch Story”

The fast-pace of the PFI (Potlatch Forest Industries) wood products industry is profiled in this 1957 Clearwater Unit documentary.  Logs felled near Headquarters are moved by truck, then train, to Lewiston.  Every process of then-“state of the art” lumber and paper production is detailed in this full 20-minute color DVD.


2001 Cab Ride Video
“PRCC 2001”
A Rolland Meyers Production

DVD Locomotive Cab Ride Video taken between Palouse and the Bennett Mill.

photo cd cover

St. Maries River Railroad
Cab Ride DVD
A Rolland Meyers Production

HPG member Rolland Meyers takes us for a ride along the former Milwaukee Road. Disc One of this two disc set features a trip south to the Potlatch Corp log reload at Clarkia. Disc Two covers a trip west along the former mainline to Plummer Jct.

Single Discs
$16.00 each


photo cd cover

St. Maries River Railroad Cab Ride
2-Disc DVD Set

Both of the above DVDs in a plastic case

2-Disc Set

photo cd cover

“Following the Washington, Idaho & Montana Railway”
Complete Atlas of the WI&M Railway
from Palouse, WA to Purdue, ID
Topographic map on one page with companion satellite image on facing page.
35 Color Pages
11X17 Spiral Bound


photo cd cover

WI&M Railway Topographic Wall Map
This 17″ X 42″ topographical map shows the full length of the railway
(Palouse WA-Purdue ID) Includes historical notes and indicates points of interest along the route.


photo cd cover

“Condensed Track Profile for C.M.ST.P.&P.R.R., Idaho Division”  [Reproduction of 1953 original]
Condensed track profile charts are engineering documents giving mile-by-mile documentation of every aspect of a railroad’s right-of-way and trackwork: track layout, grades, curvature, bridgework, etc…
Covers Idaho Division mainline (Avery ID to Othello WA) and branches to Spokane, Elk River, Metaline Falls, Coeur d’Alene, Moses Lake and Marcellus. Perfect for anyone interested in the Milwaukee Road in the West.
Softcover. Merrill Publishing Associates. 9.75″ X 7″ 132 Pages


photo cd cover

“Lake Michigan to Puget Sound: Electrically through the Rockies, Bitter Root and Cascade Mountains Along the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway”
The Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway opened its Pacific Extension in 1909. The color illustrations shown in this publication were made by special artists from photographs taken along its route. This exclusive color booklet was issued by the railroad ca. 1915-20. Merrill Publishing Associates has reproduced it for the pleasure of Milwaukee Road fans unable to own an original. Beautifully reproduced from the original.
Softcover. Merrill Publishing Associates.
8″ X 11” 26 Pages, perfect bound,
22 color photos, map and introduction.


photo cd cover

“The Milwaukee Road Olympian: A Ride to Remember”
[Hardcover] Museum of North Idaho. Johnson 9″X11″ 333 Pages
A 1941 train trip from Chicago to Tacoma combines sights, sounds, historical asides, and behind-the-scenes operations of a railroad gone forever.
Hundreds of photographs, charts, diagrams, floor plans, dining car menus, and reproduced timetables of the time augment the story.


newsletter cover

Railroad Shutterbug Jim Fredrickson’s Northern Pacific
[Hardcover] WSU Press. Fredrickson
10 1/2″ x 9″ • 160 pages (2000)

Fredrickson, an amateur photographer, began a 39-year career with the Northern Pacific in 1943. He took exceptional photographs throughout that time—depicting the last glories of the steam era as coal-fired locomotives were replaced by diesel engines in the 1940s and 1950s. Illustrations • photographs • maps • index


newsletter cover

A Northern Pacific Brasspounder’s Album

[Softcover] WSU Press. Fredrickson
10 1/2″ x 9″ • 160 pages (2003)
For 38 years, the author worked for the Northern Pacific in Washington state as a telegraph operator – a “brasspounder”, and as a dispatcher. He had the good fortune to work and travel in some of the most beautiful territory in the United States, and his camera covered it all – from the Bitterroot Mountains of Montana and Idaho, to the Cascade Range of Washington, to the coastal region of Puget Sound.
Brimming with spectacular photographs and trainman’s vivid memories, Railscapes journeys through more than six decades of American railroading. Illustrations • photographs • index


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“White Pine Route Quarterly” Back Issues on CD (.pdf format)

Four Discs Available

Disc 1: Volumes 1-3

Disc 2: Volumes 4-6

Disc 3: Volumes 7-9

Disc 4: Volumes 10-12 (2009-2011)

One Disc

All Four Discs


“Largest Saw Mill in the World”
11″ x 17″ black and white print

WI&M Ticket Collage Poster by Rolland Meyers
12″ x 15″ Color Print

PLCo. Logging Railroad Map by Tom Farbo
36” x 23” mailed in sturdy cardboard tube

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