Railroad Station Historical Society Visits Today

With no warning, swarms of people with cameras filled the depot this morning.  Who knew the Railroad Station Historical Society was out to pay us a visit–unannounced?  They were a great group and I was happy to show them around, telling our story of restoration efforts.  Among the visitors was Fred High, from Covington, Washington.  Fred is friends with Ken and Sally Vogel, and some years back actually came over to help with the speeder event.  It was fun to catch up with him.  Also visiting was Russ Holter, from the Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation at Olympia.  He was a wealth of information on tax credits, so I hope we can chat further about some of that.  After the impromptu tour, Robin McKinney stepped in to ring up several purchases from the group, giving the HPG over $300 in book sales.

I am hoping we can get some photos from the group later so they can be posted.  And I hope they will be back again one day soon!

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