WI&M Line Videos

Here’s a sequence with a BNSF train returning westbound from Deary after having dropped a single car there. After picking up a load at Bennett Lumber, the train overnights at Potlatch before rolling west to Palouse (and beyond) the next day.

This short sequence was shot in June, 2012 and shows FP-9Au number 6304, painted in Southern Pacific colors,heading east out of Palouse with street running along Whitman St.

A more recent video taken when the W&I Ry. was hauling cedar logs from a reload at Harvard. Harvard is as far east as the WI&M line reaches now.

A March 2008 video of an eastbound train between Palouse and Potlatch. The train actually continued east to the siding at Harvard, where the engine ran around its train, then ran west to spot the empty center-beam flatcars at The Bennett Lumber mill.

A recent video showing W&I 316 making a pickup at the Bennett Lumber mill then running west to Palouse.