St. Maries River RR

YouTube videos of Trains Operating on
St. Maries River Railroad:

This short video shows a northbound log train on the Clarkia branch. Shot just north of Fernwood in July 1996.

This video opens with a southbound UP train on the line from Spokane to Plummer Jct., Idaho. Once at the junction, the UP and STMA trains swap cars, then the UP crew rolls into Plummer proper to switch the lumber mill there. Shot in August, 2011.

Another video of the STMA in action with trains on both the former Milwaukee Road mainline and on the Clarkia Branch as seen in 2008.

This video was shot after the 2010 abandonment of the Clarkia Branch, so it focuses primarily on local switching in St. Maries and a run from there to Plummer.