Potlatch-Owned Shortline Railroads

YouTube videos of Trains Operating on Potlatch-Owned Shortlines Outside Idaho:

This video shows an Arkansas Midland (AKMD) train switching the Potlatch mill at Warren, AR. At this point in time, 2010, the AKMD had taken over operation of the Warren & Saline River RR from Potlatch Corp., but Potlatch still owned the mill. Today, the mill has been sold, but is still in operation.

This video is somewhat amateurish, but does show Warren & Saline River RR trains operating with their own power: first, a former Rock Island SW-1 powers the train, and second, a rebuilt “SW-14” from the Illinois Central leads.

This video shows the Prescott & Northwestern RR in action while still under Potlatch Corp. ownership. The locomotive is a former Santa Fe SW-1200. The only remaining customer on the P&NW (after Potlatch closed its mill) is a roofing material plant northwest of Prescott. Arkansas Midland now operates this line.

Jack Kuiphoff shot this video showing two of Duluth & Northeastern’s venerable SW-1’s working side by side switching at Cloquet, MN in 2001. Shortly thereafter, in 2002, Potlatch Corp. sold its Cloquet paper mill and the D&NE to Sappi Paper. Subsequently, Sappi re-organized the railroad as the Cloquet Terminal RR, and repainted the locomotives into a dark maroon scheme.

This is a promotional video for a series of railfan videos available from C. Vision Productions. Coverage of the Cloquet Terminal RR begins at the 2:26 mark and ends about the 4:30 mark. This railroad is the former Duluth & Northeastern, which Potlatch Corp. owned from 1962 to 2002. Owned now by Sappi Papers, the only thing that has changed from the D&NE to the CTR is the name and the paint scheme. Operations and the locomotive roster are largely unchanged from Potlatch days. (The WI&MHPG does not necessarily endorse this product. The video is shown here for information only.)