“New” Old Doors Arrive at Depot

It was exciting to be at the depot yesterday to see Jim West coming driving up in a U-Haul after a marathon trip to Portland. Hal Van De Vord, Karen Rohn, and Mike and Barb West assisted Jim in unloading some absolutely beautiful doors, complete with transoms, hardware, mail slots, etc.  These are going to be totally awesome for our upstairs!

Here is Jim’s note today on Facebook:

Finding replacement transom doors for the second floor has been #1 on my bucket list since the HPG bought the depot July 2001. One marathon 40-hour trip from Coeur d’Alene to Portland to Potlatch, and home to Cd’A, Amtrak and U-Haul combined to support a very successful safari.  I bagged twenty-five 106-year old doors now safely tucked into the freight room by HPG volunteers on Friday. They also unloaded 100’s of feet of matching door trim and baseboard, all from the Railway Exchange (Oregon Pioneer) Building, built in 1909. Our thanks to all of our generous donors who gave to “Idaho Gives”, danced to Jon &Rand and Blue Highway, or rode a speeder in 2014. Thanks to you we could afford to buy these doors and trim!  Now, if Frontier will remove their pole on the NW corner, we can start stocking the second floor and get to work on finishing some offices! Can I get a yaaah-hooo?


 The doors are pictured above as they once looked at the Railway Exchange in Portland.

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