Caboose Project Moves Ahead

Your blogger has been AWOL on the caboose project, but here is a photo update to prove that there is still much progress on our little car.  Here Jim West (HPG founder and project manager) and sister-in-law Barb West (HPG Treasurer) put in some serious work on the caboose roof.  Thankfully, the weather has been mild, so Bob Behal, Bill Warner, Drew Black and the West gang have been putting in the hours.  Here is Jim’s post on Facebook this morning:

The small but effective carpentry crew of Drew Black, Bob Behal, Bill Warner, Mike and Barb West and myself removed the rotted portion of the old X5 caboose roof and replaced it with new 1 x 4 last weekend. The sun made the work more than a little tiring, but we got it done.

Bob climbed the X5 ladder to sneak a pic of Barb and yours truly screwing off the new wood. (I appear to be only screwing off.) HPG treasurer Barb is our best hand.

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